Sunday, April 15, 2012

Precious Things - Part 2

Eh, I tried to write about it last night and didn't get very far. What it made me think about was really more my stuff and not taking good care of things and feeling undeserving. The image that came to mind was going to mexico on the Tortoise and I found this beautiful, delicate shell and I explained to the local guy that I couldn't take it home, that I would certainly break it. Just before I left, it brought it to me as a gift, very carefully wrapped and contained. And I was moved, and grateful. Then brought it home and it just stayed like that - wrapped up and tucked away because it was too delicate. I thought that would be nice to write about - but what it doesn't really have anything to do with us/adoption/etc.

The cape is a quandry. I've looked for it as I've been in the attic going through other things and I haven't found it. I'm worried that it may have been gotten rid of during the remodel. I'm hoping that it was just displaced, but I'm worried. That said, I would be okay with you writing about it. I know it would be a huge loss if I did actually lose it.

I think a hard thing about the blog writing is that I usually don't know what I want to write about until I'm writing it. Even if we have a topic ahead of time, I'll often go off on a different tagent. I agree that having certain topics that we line up to pull from would be helpful, I just haven't been successful with it. Also, I think something inherent in our project, is that we're dealing with totally different things that both have the same starting point. So, we won't be dealing with the same things, exactly. So maybe it's just picking the starting point?


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