Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Write Away

Kate and I decided to blog about the experience of writing away from each other. We typically agree on a time to blog and then agree on a rough subject and go from there.

There is something productive about writing together where we are both in the process of the book together. It's handy having a partner in a project. It allows for reassurance, confidence that you're on the right track. So when we're together, it's easy to feel inspired about the project.

When we're each working on our own, separately, it's different. The writing is one project competing with many projects (the kids, the house, the job, looking for another job, etc.) and then our story is one writing project competing with other writing projects (my essay class, my other blogs, my other projects that are brewing).

It kind of made me proud that we've been able to keep our focus on this project for so long through so much. Having children was a big distraction (albeit, a wonderful distraction, but still...). Being laid off from my job of eleven years was another. Life, in general, just gets in the way.

I do think it's an important story, one that I feel is worth the effort to get it out into the world. But, why? When we're writing separately, it easier to lose sight of why we are doing this.

So here are my reasons for why I am doing this:
  • It's universal. There are elements that are universal to everyone - nature vs. nurture, coming of age, identity, coming to terms with loss - but that are story is able to crystallize because of the unique circumstance.
  • It can help people. Not only people going through reunion, which is a small segment of the population, but with people who are questioning exploring a different layer of who they are. It may be a Pandora's Box, but, in the end, isn't knowing always better (or is it)?
  • It's a good story. To me, that's as good as it gets. It's just a good story and that's enough validation for me there.
I will focus on these points when we're not together in writing, and hope it makes sense when it all comes together.


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