Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kathleen~Cathleen Present in San Francisco

In just nine days, on April 10, 2014, Kate and I will be presenting sections from Kathleen~Cathleen at the American Adoption Congress Conference in San Francisco. I am really excited to share our story, in person, with other people from all corners of the adoption world. I am so eager to know how people will react.

As we mentioned in our previous post,"The Quest," the first AAC conference we attended in 1997 was where the idea of our memoir was conceived. Now it's come full circle. 

The American Adoption Congress is a group committed to adoption reform and promote honesty, openness and respect for the lifelong process of adoption. I feel like our story is at home in this community. 

We are doing a workshop on "The Birthmother Experience vs. The Adoptee Experience in Long-Term Reunion." We will take turns reading from our chapters that reflect mutual turning points in our relationship in long-term reunion. 

We'll let you know how it goes!


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